The Man Behind the Mask

So in addition to travel form, another nice thing about hitting 30 is wearing a helm. Maybe there are some available before 30, but I’ve never seen one in the AH. Anyway, Gillir has shed his BElf Bandit mask for an Insignia Cap, as seen here:

I considered putting the BElf mask on the AH, but it has sentimental value (I got it the first night after getting BC) so it’ll pass on to Gillir’s sister-alt, Halja, since she’ll look best in it (warlocks and red just go together).

I wonder if others hold on to equipment for sentimental value, like the first blue you got in an instance, or something you grinded away for until it dropped. I’ve got a ton of equipment in the bank I need to sort through and vendor, but can’t seem to get myself to do it (not completely for sentimental reasons, though).

(On a technical note, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the tooltip-mouseover trick with links but can’t do it. Any suggestions?)


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  1. Hey, nice blog. I’ve only read two posts so far but I’m intrigued and plan on going through your archives!

    I know what you mean about holding onto gear for sentimental reasons. I have my full set of Valor armor in my bank and my Heavy Dark Iron Ring (the first end game epic I ever picked up). There are a couple of other pieces of gear in there too that I just can’t seem to toss out. I know that I will probably NEVER wear them, but I can’t get rid of them. Sucks being a packrat.

    About the mouseover trick, I asked the same question on my blog and I guess it’s some kind of plugin you can upload to your WordPress database (if you have FTP access and all that, which I don’t). Can’t tell you what it’s called, but maybe you could search for it.

  2. TY, Thodin.

  3. There is/was a warlock quest around 20th that was for a warlock only helm if I remember correctly. It has been over 2 years now.
    I also tend to keep first items I made or guildies made for me. I always was looking for larger bags or more bank space.

  4. I looked up leather helms on Thottbot and there are pre-30 ones, but it seems most drop from rare mobs or are dropped in 30+ areas. It looks like the lowest level leather helm is at 25. (There are some designated at level 1, but you can’t get them since they’re BOP and only available through higher-level quests; excepting the goggles made by engineering.)

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