I was in the human starting area (rolled a lock) and happened to see this where you begin at level 1:
Notice the name? The garbled, nonsense letters that you see in those annoying gold whisper spams? This must be one. Strange to actually see it in the flesh (as it were).

And here’s what Gillir would look like if he were undead:I did the Cursed Crew quests (and finished all of them, too!) and when you get hit with the curse you’re turned undead. It’s a little disorienting, especially for a druid because you can’t automatically tell when you’re in form. Although the bear or cat pops out when you perform a move. And then the underwater fighting, and aggro, and cramped spaces: not the easiest quest line to perform.

Oh yeah, Gillir dinged 28 last night. I’m focusing on getting him to 30 this coming week.


3 Responses

  1. 30 yet? hehe
    the spammers have just started to show up in lotro, gold sellers sending me tells. They get added to my ignore list in no time flat.

  2. Certainly didn’t take long, did yet? Like I said in the post, you see the whispers, but to actually see a character was strange. I’ve read that the spammers make the characters for a few minutes, send out the spam, then delete them.

  3. Yeah, sometimes by the time I add them to my ignore list, they have already deleted that character.

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