Recent News

Things have been progressing along nicely the past few days. Here are some of the highlights:
Leveled Alchemy to 225. Now to visit the trainer in Feralas. Strike that: found out you have to be lvl 35 to train further, darn it.

  • Gillir dinged 26 on Saturday, with the help of a guildmate, Ondaragg, a shaman. As we were questing together, we were taking out raptors in Wetlands. We pulled one, but for some reason three more aggroed on us (not sure why because I thought they were out of range, but on second thought, raptors do that screech for help which may have pulled the others in). I switched from cat to bear to tank the raptors while Onda was hitting them and putting down totems. We came close to wiping but downed all the raptors; it’s a moment like that when you realize the value of feral spec. Then last night I hit 27 and was able to equip Barbaric Bracers, courtesy of one of The Olde Guard’s leatherworkers (thanks Yeahso!) Feral spec was in full force too with the mob aggro I was getting from Mosshide Gnolls and Mongrels; I’ll post some screenshots later of the aftermath (4 on 1, NP).
  • Tsoai hit 16 and Jewelcrafting is going well, although he needs to do some farming for ore. He’s got a long list of quests on Bloodmyst to knock out, so he needs to get to work on that.
  • And another alt has joined the crew: Tsotoski, a dwarf hunter. I rolled him to check out the class and was lukewarm to the hunter until lvl 10, when I got a pet. I tamed a wolf, named him Waya, and now I’m hooked on the hunter. There’s something about having that pet, taking care of him, having a buddy on the road. And the pet does balance out the class. One of the reasons I was ambivalent about playing the hunter pre-pet was because he seemed so weak, but that all changes with the pet.

Hello, my name is Gillir, and I’m an altaholic. You know you’re hooked when you have enough characters to form your own guild. I rolled a Draenei to be my auction alt; figured it would be easier to mail him stuff; then my leveling toons can stay out in the wild and not have to run back to a capital city every night. I chose a Draenei, too, because: a) The Exodar is less crowded and b) the mailboxes, bank, and AH are close to each other.

So that’s been the goings-on as of late.


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