Weekend Goings-On

The weekend produced a move up to 25 for Gillir. Quested in the Wetlands and took care of Gobbler and his Murloc minions, dug through some ooze, and took down a few raptors. Gillir got into a sticky situation with raptors, aggroing three on him at once. The old bear was holding against them just barely when a helpful Draenei priest jumped in and assisted this druid in extricating himself from his predicament. Also, while digging through the ooze, Gillir wandered over to Dun Modr and encountered two mounted Hordes on the path, they kept going and so did Gillir. No kill on sight there, luckily.

Tsoai started his professions: mining and jewelcrafting, a natural for the Draenei.

And a new alt joins the family: Tsotoski, a dwarf hunter.

Oh yeah, I fiddled with the UI (again) and changed out Bongos for CTMods. Been having problems with crashes during flights so I’m trimming the addons down as much as possible to conserve memory, although I’m not certain of the exact nature of this problem.


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