Introducing the New Alt

Here he is, Tsoai, in the Vault of Light at Exodar. The name carries over from my original character, who has now gone into retirement.
He’s a shaman and I’ve enjoyed playing this class so far. Like the druid, he is multifaceted and provides a variety of different skills and tactics. He’s doing skinning and leatherworking which provide a refreshing change from herbalism and alchemy.(Now doing mining/jewelcrafting.)

Some other thoughts about playing the expansion:
Some better design in The Exodar with the mailbox being located right outside of the auction house, no more running halfway across the city to pick up your stuff.

It seems that there are more quests that begin with a dropped item.

Some interesting maneuvers with the staff that I haven’t seen before (like when he tosses it up, catches it, then hits).

And malachite is dropping like crazy.


As for Gillir, he hit 24 yesterday, but now needs to figure out where to quest next: either the Wetlands or the Redridge Mountains. He’s got a backlog of quests, some in instances, so he’ll have to start PUGin’ soon.


Made a visit with the original Tsoai, talked about old times, the noobie days as they were. (Although Barrens chat has not been missed a bit.) He might still see some action in the battlegrounds, though, from some druid PVP practice.


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