So I finally got the expansion yesterday and can now enjoy some of the new content (although I’m nowhere near going to Outland since that requires lvl. 58). There were two things I wanted to do once I got the expansion. The first order of business was rolling a Draenei shaman and checking out those guys. Then the second order of business was to get a Blood Elf Bandit Mask. I had first read about it in this post by Tomas. So, Gillir sailed over to Azuremyst Isle and started the search. And guess what: the first bandit I found dropped it. The hard part was finding the guy, but even that wasn’t so hard. I followed the coordinates found on Thottbot here and in the third spot I tried (at 51, 17), I was standing there, heard that whoosh, and could discern the faint outline of the bandit, standing ghost-like by the road.

Here’s a post-kill shot:
And here’s Gillir with his new accessory:
Alas, the evening’s fun got interrupted by my being ganked on the boat to Menethil. Me and two other NE’s were in the wrong place at the wrong time as we stepped on the boat in Auberdine to have not one, not two, but three Level ?? Hordes appear in front of us. Of course, as soon as we entered contested territory, we were dead. In fact, I was dead before the splash screen was gone; but, that’s PVP for you.


3 Responses

  1. glad the article helped! – The first bandit I ever found was bugged. I killed him and was unable to loot the body! Aagh! So frustrating! Took me several tries to finally get mine.

  2. I knew nothing about the mask until I saw your post, so thanks for the info. I was pretty ecstatic when it dropped on the first one, especially after I had read all these stories about how long it took.

  3. we librarians call it serendipity.

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