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You’ll find below some links to recent posts from some of the blogs I visit. Not much has been happening these past few days; working on the Pelturas Whitemoon chain, and am on the final quest, Fallen Sky Lake, but it’s lvl 30 so I’ll have to come back to it later. Alchemy is clipping along, now at 198, but need to find some Wild Steelbloom for some of the upper-level potions. Otherwise, I’ve a hit a little lag; as with life, there are peaks and valleys, and so I’m in a valley at the moment. I rolled a NE warrior, too, to check that class out. I was seeing warriors do that cool charge and so wanted to see what that was like: and I like it. It’s a nice change of pace, too, because you really get into the thick of things; a cool way to vent aggressive energy. He’s to lvl 6. Eventually I hope to give each class a try, at least to better understand what I’m up against in the PvP context. I am finding, though, that, race-wise, I like Night Elves. Not sure why; I don’t like the floppy ears, but in contrast to playing the other races, I feel much more at home with a NE. Anyway, as promised above, here are some interesting links:

Tobold continues the series of posts on Dream Features; this time it’s Less-Random Loot Tables.

Tomas has a post on The Great Lynx Run. (I remember when I first made the run in the Wetlands. I was lvl 16 and working on the Sea Lion quest that requires you to go to Westfall. It was my first time in contested territory on a PvP realm so I just knew some 70 horde was going to pop up and gank me as soon as I set foot into yellow territory. Actually didn’t see one horde and while I did get some crockolisk aggro, Nature’s Grasp allowed me to root them and keep running; so wasn’t bad at all.)

Big Red Kitty reminds us of the Naked Gnome Race to be held this Saturday. Sure to be a sight to behold.

Amanna has an informative post on Potions, elixirs and scrolls. Have to say that I love using the potions I make with Alchemy.


2 Responses

  1. My latest ALT just showed up in Ashenvale this weekend. I’m about to start working on the same quest chains you are with the ((intent)) of actually doing *all* of the quests in Ashenvale. Something I’ve *never* had the stomach to do before.

    You don’t like the ears? Infidel!


  2. The ears just flop around too much when you run. Other than that, they’re fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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