Just Some Quick Comments

Just some quick comments about the weekend. Saturday night went well: I dinged 21. A fellow O.G. got onto his lvl 20 Dranei warrior and we ran some quests together in Ashenvale. It’s such a refreshing change to work with someone on quests. We got jumped by a lvl 25 Tauren druid at Zoram Strand but we took him down in a matter of seconds. Not sure why he was so crappy; I mean, it seems, that a 25 could put up a better fight than that against two 20s. He shifted to bear once late in the fight (which he should have done immediately, I think), shifted back to caster, then he was gone. I don’t even think he hit us with any dps spells (unless he hit the warrior), which he could have done since he saw us before we saw him. Nonetheless, it was my first non-battleground kill, so that was cool. Didn’t do much last night (graded papers all weekend, so I was exhausted); got on my alt mage and did some herb farming. Checked in on Gillir and got some $ from auctions, went to Ashenvale and logged.


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